Memory Lane

About 3 weeks ago, one of the NICU volunteer photographers came around to the bedsides of different babies and offered to take photos. I just received them and boy was it a trip down memory lane. While I’ve all but forgotten about our time in the NICU, it was nice to see such beautiful photos […]

The Homestretch

Today marks day 26 in the NICU. We probably won’t know for sure when Ben is coming home until the day he is discharged, but we do know we’re in the homestretch. Ben is doing fantastic, amazing and superb and is SO close to being ready to go home. This last week has been filled […]


I’ve shared a lot about how Ben has been doing and in turn it gives a little bit of background to our NICU experience, but I really haven’t talked much about what it’s like to have a baby in the NICU. Ben has spent 20 days in the NICU so far, and some of them have […]