Seattle’s “Heat Wave”

We are under an “excessive heat advisory” here in Seattle. What that means is that it’s over 80 degrees and the city freaks out because no one has air conditioning. I make fun of it a lot, but in reality, it really doesn’t get above 80 degrees here very often so people just aren’t used […]

Weekend Recap

Going into the weekend we didn’t really have much on the radar but somehow it turned out to be a really fun weekend. We squeezed a lot in and had a great time! We kicked things off on Friday. I started the day being tormented by the puppy and managed to break away to go […]

Happy 2nd Birthday Henry & Oliver!

Today our little monkeys cats turn two! With their high levels of spunk and energy, it’s hard to believe that they aren’t “kittens” anymore. They have provided us with an unbelievable amount of love and joy, as well as a whole lot of annoyance {mostly in the form of 5 a.m. wake up meows}. We […]