School’s Out!

Summer is officially here and school is finally over for the year!

Hannah graduated from preschool this spring. She will be going off to kindergarten in the fall, joining Ben at his school.

We attended the sweetest graduation ceremony and picnic for Hannah’s school and the graduating kiddos. It was so special.

Ben finished up first grade and was SO sad to say goodbye to his teacher. It’s incredible how much he learned this school year.

We’re only a week into summer break and already I am relishing in this special time with my kiddos. It’s been a really lovely start to summer in our house.

Our summer groove will be quite different this year from those in the past. Ben has joined our local swim team, which provides us a bit of structure and gets us out the door by 6:30 a.m. Monday through Friday. Neither of the kids are doing summer camp or school this year, except for one week of soccer camp. Hannah will start swimming lessons shortly. It’s been a nice mix of flexibility and routine.

We have a fair amount of travel planned {first camping trip is already over!} and some very special little boys coming for a visit next month, along with a SIXTH birthday to celebrate in July.

Alex transformed a weedy, unused portion of our property into a beautiful gathering space for us to relax and enjoy time together by a fire. The grass is coming in beautifully and we’ve been loving the new seating area.

My goal this summer is to strike a good balance of fun and relaxation, while also mixing in some education. I love utilizing the summer to focus on helping the kids learn life skills, practice their math and reading, and allow them some extra autonomy.

We’ve already done SO much and it has only been a week – we have so much to look forward to for the rest of the season! Happy summer!