Half Marathon #2!

Running has been a *relatively* easy way for me to get back in shape, burn off steam and pump up my endorphins. I started running in college and have kept it up, albeit inconsistently, since then. I tend to be more of a fair weather runner and find it difficult to stay motivated to keep […]

Mama’s 10K

Last weekend I ran a 10K! That’s just over 6 miles. I wasn’t as prepared for it as I had hoped, but I still did it and I ran the whole time! The first half I had my little cheerleader along with me for the ride {he did the riding – I did the pushing!}, […]

Mama’s 5K!

When I was about 4 weeks postpartum I signed up for a 5K at the end of September and a 10K at the end of October. Back in August when it was light out a bit later in the evening, somehow I thought I’d have enough time to train for said runs. Reality sank in […]

Getting Back in Shape!

Oofta – it’s been a while since I’ve really, really exercised. Throughout my pregnancy I maintained my once per week Pilates lesson, but that was about the extent of my exercise. And even that was very limited and mainly spent stretching. Until close to the very end of my pregnancy I couldn’t really even walk […]

Summer is Here!

Summer has arrived in Seattle! The transition from our beautiful, amazing spring to summer took place over the last week or so and it seems like the new season is here to stay. The highs all weekend were in the mid-80s, which is considered very warm {and a little unusual} for Seattle. I have a feeling we […]

Here’s What’s Happening in our House this Week

It’s a busy week in the Allen household! We’ve got a lot going on during the days and evenings this week. I am in the process of coordinating our dog sitter for Europe and hiring an Italian tutor, as well as booking some lodging for our Europe trip and two summer trips in Eastern Washington. […]

This Week’s Happenings

Not a whole lot is going on right now – well, not enough to warrant its own blog post, anyway. In any case, I’ve compiled what’s been happening lately over in our neck of the woods. Today Jackson turned 10 months! He weighs about 70 pounds. He definitely has some growing to do still – […]