Ancient Lakes Camping Trip

Despite my hopes to spend spring break this year somewhere on a beach, we spent it at home and in a tent. And it was wonderful. Our camping trip was probably my favorite that we’ve done so far – it was so lovely!

Our good friends invited us to join them on their camping trip to Ancient Lakes, which is about an hour and a half east of our house. Despite it being so close, this area is a geographic wonder and it feels like we’re on another planet.

The weather forecast looked a bit ominous with heavy rain and a low of 35 degrees was predicted. Yikes! We decided to give it a go and see what happened.

Amazingly, it didn’t rain on us at all, but dang it was cold! We packed appropriately and managed to stay warm.

We ventured out to hike and ride bikes to enjoy the surroundings.

Ben and Hannah absolutely love camping – they’re becoming pros! Brooks got to come with, too!

We had the best time with our friends – it was really just so lovely spending the time with them and watching the kids live their best lives.