Whistler Trip

Just after Alex returned home from his big backcountry hut trip back in March I ventured out on my own ski trip. I headed to Whistler to celebrate my friend Bri’s 40th birthday. I’ve known Bri now for about two years and she’s one of those extra special humans who when you meet her you just know you’re going to love her and that everyone else feels the same way about her.

To be honest, I really wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into with this trip. The theme for the weekend was 80s/90s/early 00s female pop icons – I’m not usually much for themes or dressing up. Additionally, I knew and loved Bri and another friend, Hannah, but other than that, I had only met a few other girls and the rest were from out of town. Bri is an amazing human and friend, though, so I knew it would be a great trip.

And a great trip it was! We packed a LOT into a long weekend and had an incredible bell-to-bell downhill day on Friday. It was HOT for a ski day and we skied both Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains {quick note: Whistler/Blackcomb is the largest ski resort in North America} and managed to stop for a fancy lunch.

Throughout our twenties, Alex and I made several trips up to Whistler every year. I have so many fond memories of our time there. It was extra special being back on the mountain there. I kept thinking how excited I am to bring our kids to Whistler now that they’re older.

Our final full day started off with Nordic skiing. We dressed up in our 90s gear and hit the trails. It was so fun!

The afternoon was spent at the spa. There’s a well-known Scandinavian spa in Whistler that features hot pools, cold plunges, saunas and steam rooms. Oh, and it’s silent!

We all dressed up in our 80s/90s/00s costumes for our final evening of the weekend in Whistler. Bri organized a caterer to drop off the most incredible dinner for us all, and we found a cake baker to put together an epic 90s-themed cake for the birthday girl.

The weekend was filled with laughs, fun, amazing connection, new friends and so much more. Everyone got along impressively well, which is saying a lot for ten women, most of whom didn’t know more than one or two other people. Since the trip, our friendships and connections have continued and deepened. We’re all so lucky to have Bri as a friend!