All the Snow!!

What a week it’s been! It started snowing late in the afternoon Wednesday last week and started to let up, 50 inches later, on Friday morning. 50 inches of snow in 36 hours!! It’s still unbelievable that happened. We knew a big snowstorm was coming Wednesday afternoon. All of a sudden the forecast changed and […]

Christmas 2021!

This is one of my favorite times of the whole year. I look forward to snow and winter and Christmas all year long. This year felt extra special. The snow has felt extra magical and spectacular. And Ben and Hannah are at such a fun age, especially to celebrate Christmas. We’re really focusing on family, […]

Backyard Skating Rink!

In early November we took the kids to Wenatchee, an hour away, to go ice skating in their indoor rink. We all had such a fun time! The next day we learned that the ice rink that often operates near our home won’t be happening again this year. So, we took matters into our own […]

Ali’s Favorite Things 2021

This post almost slipped by me, but my friend just reminded me, so here it is! I actually have quite a few new favorites this year. Our lifestyle has changed quite a bit with the pandemic and mountain living, so a lot of things are updated. Be sure to check the bottom of the post […]

Family Pictures

Our last family photo shoot was literally days before the pandemic began here and shook everything up. I think about that so often – we had Alex’s family here at The Lodge with us and our photographer, Kim, was here to capture that magical time for us. Finally, hurrah! We had Kim out to our […]

Our First Summer in the Mountains

Now that we’re nearly to Halloween, I’ll backtrack to our first summer in the mountains. What a big summer we had. It was filled with change, family visitors, building a community and making new friends and exploring. There were oodles of highlights from our first summer as permanent mountain dwellers. We started the summer with […]

Soccer Season!

Ben recently wrapped up his first official soccer season! He played a quick six-week co-ed session in the local league and had a blast. It was really fun watching Ben and his team progress throughout the year. Typically, Ben had one practice and two games each week. The games were really sweet to watch. It […]