The Golden Years

I’ve been wondering a lot lately if we’re in the midst of the golden years of parenting. Is there such a thing? My kids are 5.5 and 7.5 and it feels like we’re in such a good spot right now.

They absolutely adore each other and play together every waking moment. It’s hard to imagine a better relationship between the two of them. They’re each other’s biggest fan and bestest friend. As a parent, it’s one of the most endearing, rewarding and heartwarming things to witness.

Life feels especially fun these days, and it feels like as a family, we’re a team, and we’re on the same team. Sure, there are challenges and always will be with parenting. Right now feels like a particularly special time that I’d like to hold on to.

Surprisingly, especially with the news headlines these days, many of my friends who have older kids tell me that they love having teenagers, so I do have hope that the good times will just keep rolling.

This past fall I read an absolutely delightful book called “The Art of Making Memories.” I sought this book out after reading a few other titles by the same author (Meik Wiking) and have been working over the nine months or so to evaluate my priorities, including being more intentional with my time and what core memories I hope my children carry forward from their childhood. {I wonder if they’ll remember the matching jammies and boots they choose so they can be “matchies”!?}

My kids are at the perfect age for so many wonderful life experiences. They are capable and independent, they’re becoming a whole lot more rational and all signs are pointing to them being able to remember this time in their lives when they grow up.

So, here’s to making all the memories!