Hannah is THREE!

Three! Our girl is finally three! She’s been acting like it for a while and now it’s officially here. Boy oh boy am I curious to see what Hannah is like as a three-year old. Hannah’s three-year stats: Weight: about 34 pounds Length: around 38″ {90th percentile} Clothing 4T Shoe size: toddler size 7 Favorite […]

Hannah is 2-3/4!

Hannie girl is really rounding the corner on turning 3! I’m over a month late in posting this, so she’s really going on 2.85. She’s the sweetest most nurturing little girl, yet so tenacious and full of fire and force. It has been so much fun watching her come into herself. What a personality she […]

Hannah is 2-1/4!

Our girl is two and a quarter, and boy is she acting like it. This quarter she has given up naps, become the boss, started preschool, became a pro at scooter riding and fell in love with Pinkalicious. Hannah continues to keep us on our toes with her sass, affection, unrelenting dialogue and her sweet-natured […]

Hannah is 20 Months Old!

Our little spitfire is acting more and more like a little girl every day. She’s really starting to look the part too with her long curly hair. Occasionally she’ll even let me put it up in a little pointy pigtail. Hannah’s 20-Month Stats: Weight: 26 pounds, 6 oz {88th percentile – as of 1/22} Length: […]

Hannah is 18 Months Old!

Our baby girl is growing up so fast! Her personality continues to grow bigger and bigger each month. Hannah Maxine has really turned into a toddler lately. Weight: 26 pounds, 6 oz {88th percentile} Length: 32 inches {60th percentile} Clothing size: 18-24 months and growing! Anything new I buy for her I’m sizing up to […]