Hannah’s Fourth Birthday

We had so much fun celebrating Hannah’s birthday this year. I’m quite late in reporting about her birthday, as it was already two months ago! It was extra special because she has never had a birthday party before. Hannah’s birthday celebration turned into a week of festivities honoring her fourth birthday.

{This girl has always known what she wants. She saw someone with an open cup + whipped cream, and from that moment on, she only orders her milk with whipped cream and no lid.}

We kicked off her birthday week with a special mama-Hannah trip to the salon for her first official haircut and mani/pedi. Hannah felt SO special – Jenn, our stylist, went above and beyond to make sure Hannah was pampered to the nines.

Because our girl loves watermelon we chose it as the theme for her birthday party! I found everything watermelon and we met some friends down at a beach along the river. It was perfect!

Several of Hannah’s classmates from school were able to join us, along with some of our other family friends. It was a gorgeous day and she had so much fun!

Despite the watermelon theme, Hannah requested strawberry cupcakes. I found a wonderful recipe and they were amazingly delicious!

For Hannah’s actual birthday we took a trip to Seabrook, which is on the Washington coast. It’s a very charming town right on the ocean. The beach is absolutely massive.

Hannah is a little beach babe – she just loves playing in the sand. She can spend hours and hours creating things or just scooping sand into buckets. This was the perfect place for her birthday this year.

For a few years now Hannah has loved playing with babies. This year for her birthday she got a new Wellie Wishers doll named Camille. Wellie Wishers is a line within American Girl Dolls and you can get all kinds of accessories for these dolls. Hannah has spent hours and hours playing with her new doll and all that goes along with her.

It was so fun celebrating our sweet girl turning four. She is so much fun and such a delight and we just loved having a special week for her.