Hannah is FOUR!

Back in July we celebrated Hannah’s fourth birthday! We took her to the beach for a big birthday trip and she had the best time. It was so fun celebrating our girl!

Hannah’s four year stats:

  • Weight: 38 pounds
  • Height: 41″
  • Clothing 4/5
  • Shoe size: toddler size 9
  • Favorite foods: watermelon, ICE CREAM, blackberries, strawberries, basically anything sweet
  • Least favorite foods: beef, chicken, most vegetables, anything I serve for dinner
  • Favorite things/activities: playing with her dollhouse, watching her Kindle, playing with her little ones, reading books, running, dancing, riding her bike, painting
  • Least favorite things/activities: waiting, stopping doing something fun, leaving somewhere, not getting what she wants

It was funny to read back on my post “Hannah is three” because I could literally copy and paste it to “Hannah is four” – this girl is fiercely herself. Certainly she’s grown up a bit since she turned three, but she’s still that same girl she’s always been. Hannah has always been so confident – she knows what she wants and she knows when she’s ready to do something.

This spring, Hannah was extremely insistent she wanted to learn to ride her two-wheel pedal bike. We really were not quite ready to go there, but because she was so determined we gave it a shot. Literally 20 minutes after she got stung by a bee she wanted to try riding her pedal bike. I sure wasn’t going to say no, and thank goodness I didn’t, because she figured it out right away! As she always does, she knew she was ready.

One big thing we’ve noticed is that Hannah is really coming out of her shell around other people. We really credit this to her experience going to school this year. She sure knows when she is ready to warm up to new people or a new situation, and she seems to be a great judge of character.

Being a little one at the start of the pandemic sure has brought challenges for most kiddos, but finally, now that Hannah is in school she is making her own friends. It warms our hearts hearing her talk about school and her friends and her teachers. We just love that she has her own life outside our family.

Hannah has such a natural maternal instinct. It is so sweet to watch her “make a family” out of four of any objects {but they have to be the same or within the same genre} and she will take care of them as though she’s the mama. The family is always mommy, daddy, Ben and Hannah. She just loves her baby dolls, too.

The relationship between Ben and Hannah has grown tremendously in the last year or so. They are the very best of friends.

Hannah is very quick to lose her temper, and heaven help you if you get caught in her wrath. Have I mentioned this girl is fierce? We’re continuing to work with Hannah to use kind words and for strategies on how to chill out. Sometimes it works!

Gosh this girl is such a light in our lives. We just adore her. She is growing into quite the little lady.