Trip to Seabrook, WA

This year we splurged and took the kids on a trip for each of their birthdays. Hannah’s birthday trip was to Seabrook, which is a little town on the Washington coast.

We had been to Seabrook when Ben was 13-months old, so it was really special coming back again, and this time with Hannah, as well as Alex’s parents.

Seabrook is unbelievably charming. The town is completely manufactured to be darling and just oozes with coastal character. The town is set up on a bluff overlooking an endless beach. It truly looks like it goes on forever.

The weather leaves much to be desired, though. We had one gorgeous full day while we were there, otherwise it was mostly cloudy, foggy and it felt just plain cold.

We spent a lot of time down on the beach. Despite the fog and chilly temperatures, the kids built a monumental sand castle and loved crashing into the waves or trying out a skim board.

One of the days we drove up the coast into Olympic National Park. It was perfect beach weather that day and we spent a few hours at Beach #4 on the coast.

The kids loved climbing the rock walls, building sand castles, checking out the tide pools and exploring a new beach.

We made a quick stop for a very short hike in the Quinault Rainforest and visited the world’s largest spruce tree.

Hannah’s birthday was in the middle of our trip. We celebrated her with a big strawberry cake, a new doll and lots of beach time. Coincidentally, there was a huge celebration going on in Seabrook, so Hannah enjoyed getting her face painted, eating kettle corn and jumping in the bouncy house. Perfect for a four-year old!

Brooks seemed quite happy to tag along on the trip! He experienced salt water and a big beach for the first time, and was delighted to do so.

All in all, we had a lovely time exploring the town of Seabrook. It is so charming. If I had the guarantee of good weather, I would definitely go back!