Trip to Wisconsin

Finally, after nearly two and a half years, we were able to reconnect in person with Alex’s sister, our brother in-law and our nephews. This was our first time together, along with Alex’s parents, since just before Covid. We met together at Alex’s parents’ lake home in southern Wisconsin and had such a special week catching up and making up for lost time.

This was our first air travel trip in nearly three years – our last trip was to Wisconsin in 2019! We really weren’t sure what to expect since it had been so long since we’d flown with the kids. Additionally, we’d never traveled by plane since we moved to Leavenworth. Now, any airplane trip begins with a mandatory 2.5 hour drive to the airport. Makes for a very long day!

Despite dealing with a bunch of delays, the travel day was surprisingly smooth, but very, very long. Ben has become a pro traveler and was legitimately helpful and just did his own thing, and Hannah tolerates travel about like she tolerates everything else – sometimes with grace and patience, and other times, not so much.

This trip was absolutely a highlight for us all this summer. We hadn’t seen our nephew, Marco, since he was 6 months old, and he had just turned three right before our trip.We’re so, so grateful for technology that allows us to stay connected from afar.

Being a native Minnesotan, I am well-versed on Midwestern lake culture, but my children are not! They got to take part in jumping off the boat in the middle of a lake, Ben took a spin on the wave runner {and hated it!} and they both got to try fishing.

We had a few really lovely boat rides, a few really chilly boat rides, and an extra special boat picnic one day. I think the official food of the week was Sun Chips.

We spent quite a lot of time at the pool, which is a part of the complex that Alex’s parents condo is within.

Ben and Hannah had the best time playing with their cousins, who are 5.5 and 3. They played so, so well together and it was extremely special.

Another new experience for Ben and Hannah was going fishing! Nico and Ben both caught a fish.

During our trip, Alex was able to see his grandmother, “Nana,” one final time. She has since passed away. It was a really special visit and Alex enjoyed showing Nana pictures of Ben and Hannah and sharing stories and memories with her. I’m so, so glad they had that time together. Nana was such a special person and I will always carry memories of her in my heart.

One evening, Alex and I went out for dinner with Alina and Alberto while the grandparents had a little party with the kiddos. We went to Lake Geneva, which is nearby. We deemed Lake Geneva “the Las Vegas of Wisconsin” which felt quite apt. It has become quite the party town.

Alberto, our brother-in law, was born and raised in Italy. He is an excellent chef and baker and we always love indulging in his Italian {and non-Italian} specialties. This trip brought us lasagna, pizza and a special birthday celebration cake his mother always made.

Continuing the theme of our summer trips, the weather was not exactly ideal. We had one sunny, warm day, but the rest were windy and chilly. Keep in mind, we do have a different perspective on “chilly” as we’re used to our daytime summer highs being around 95-105. In any case, the weather left a lot to be desired for our lake trip. Of course we were able to pivot and have a great time nonetheless.

The trip was so, so special and will hold a very special place in my memory. We can’t wait to get together with this crew again!