Hannah is 20 Months Old!

Our little spitfire is acting more and more like a little girl every day. She’s really starting to look the part too with her long curly hair. Occasionally she’ll even let me put it up in a little pointy pigtail.

Hannah’s 20-Month Stats:

  • Weight: 26 pounds, 6 oz {88th percentile – as of 1/22}
  • Length: 32 inches {60th percentile – as of 1/22}
  • Clothing size: anything new is 2T
  • Shoe size: toddler size 5 – I had the hardest time getting new shoes for her because her little feet are so chubby that my first few rounds of shoes were too tight!
  • Number of teeth: twelve with two canines still coming in
  • Eye color: I’m calling them “alpine lake” – the most gorgeous greeny blue
  • Favorite foods: smoothies, yogurt, pistachios, pretzel sticks
  • Least favorite foods: beef, chicken, bread
  • Favorite things/activities: doing anything Ben does, brushing her teeth, reading interactive books, playing with cars and trucks, dancing, climbing, swinging, trying on shoes, getting into mischief…
  • Least favorite things/activities: waiting, not getting what she wants, getting her diaper changed

Over the last month since I did Hannah’s 19-month update our lives and the world have been turned upside down due to the pandemic. Both Hannah and Ben are thriving as we have moved indefinitely out to our mountain house.

Hannah has had a tremendous vocabulary and speech leap this last month. While it’s still tricky to understand her out of context her pronunciation is improving, as is her vocabulary. We’re guessing her vocabulary {spoken words} is somewhere around 30-40 words.

She has started babbling out full sentences {we have little or no idea what she’s talking about!} and she’ll just be sitting there looking at you or something else as though she’s having a conversation. She sure has a lot to say – we just don’t know what it is yet! Occasionally we are able to pick out a few words in there and make a guess as to what she’s talking about.

I hope I never ever forget how stinking cute and animated she is when she responds to a question with a resounding “yeah!” We have several videos of it that I need to make sure to tuck away for the future. She’s also recently started saying “that” which is helpful to know what she wants, and she also uses it to ask what something is or what a sound was.

Recently Hannah has become quite attached to her new puppy stuffie. Needless to say, she’s been saying “puppy” a ton as she cuddles him.

Now that we have nothing to do, per the pandemic, I’m thinking about potty training Hannah. She seems pretty ready, actually. During diaper changes she likes to wipe herself and she says “hi vulva” as she’s wiping. It’s hard not to laugh!

For a while Hannah has been hopping up onto the step stool that lives in front of the toilet {for Ben to use}, pushing up the toilet seat and lifting up her shirt. Lately she’s started pushing down her pants and trying to take off her diaper. She’s always first in line to flush after anyone uses the toilet.

Gosh this girl has a personalty with a capital “P”! She is SO fun. She’s still a pistol and probably always will be, but she’s a complete and total blast to be around. Her little cackle is the cutest thing and we adore watching her little run. She’s still so unbelievably loud and boisterous and loves to be the center of attention.

In addition to being a spitfire she’s also cuddly, extremely affectionate, really good at sharing and quite helpful. She loves to dance and have a good time and is quick to give hugs to those she’s close to. Hannah is at a very rational time in her life right now – most of the time she is really easy to reason with.

Hannah wants to do everything by herself and with attitude. She is quick to push my hand away if I offer assistance on just about anything. That said, there are some times where she’ll stop and reach her hand out for mine if it’s something she’s not quite sure about. She is really getting comfortable and confident at going up and down the stairs.

Somehow, despite her limited vocabulary, she has grasped the word “me” in a very grammatically correct way. Oftentimes I’ll ask “who wants a snack?” or something like that and she’ll be the first to respond “me!” Or she’ll be pointing at the shoes by the door and when she gets to hers say “me!”

Jumping and climbing are big favorites of Hannah’s lately. She loves to jump on the trampoline… the bed… the couch… anywhere she can get a bit of a bounce. She has so much pizzazz when she jumps, too. This girl gets style points for pretty much everything.

Hannah is quite the problem solver. She loves to play with stacking rings or little stacking boxes or cups and is surprisingly patient, even when it’s not working out. She has been really into climbing lately and it’s been fun to watch her test her limits and figure things out.

Mealtimes are routinely quite rough, particularly at dinner. Hannah’s appetite really ebbs and flows throughout the day and she’s not really into eating dinner, nor is she into waiting for anyone else to finish their meal. If it was up to Hannah she’d live off of smoothies, yogurt pouches, cornichons, pistachios, pasta, cheese and fruit. Really not the worst diet but it’s hard to balance that out with another toddler and two adults.

Hannah is not into meat or bread and when provided a “dipper” {i.e. syrup or ketchup} she’ll choose the dip over the item to be dipped. Additionally, when served toast with peanut butter, she’ll lick off the peanut butter and leave the toast behind.

Regardless of what it is, Hannah wants to be included. This girl is going to have major FOMO {fear of missing out} when she’s older – I can already tell. If Ben is putting on his pajamas, Hannah’s got to get hers too. If someone tells a joke, Hannah cackles at it at just the right time. She’s always in on everything and really doesn’t want to miss out.

Hannah loves to help out around the house. One of her favorite jobs is feeding Jackson. She also loves to sweep the floor and will put away toys without being asked {crossing my fingers this one sticks for a good long time!}.

This sweet girl is truly getting more fun by the day. Often times the highlight of the day for me is just standing back and watching her play and run around, especially when it’s with her brother. We are really rounding the corner on age two…