Hannah is 2-3/4!

Hannie girl is really rounding the corner on turning 3! I’m over a month late in posting this, so she’s really going on 2.85. She’s the sweetest most nurturing little girl, yet so tenacious and full of fire and force. It has been so much fun watching her come into herself. What a personality she has!

Hannah’s 2 – 3/4 stats:

  • Weight: I have no idea
  • Length: 37.5″ {90th percentile}
  • Clothing 4T
  • Shoe size: toddler size 7
  • Number of teeth: 20
  • Favorite foods: pickles, cookies, blackberries, strawberries, chickpeas, oatmeal
  • Least favorite foods: beef, most vegetables
  • Favorite things/activities: playing with her dollhouse, watching her Kindle, playing with her “kiddos,” reading books, running, dancing, riding her scooter, doing anything art-related
  • Least favorite things/activities: waiting, stopping doing something fun, leaving somewhere, not getting what she wants

Hannah is extremely strong-willed and fiercely independent and has figured out how to express herself quite well. She wants to do *everything* “my own self” and is quite persistent in figuring things out.

Since she was a baby, Hannah has been quite timid and angsty. She’s never really warmed up to really anyone outside our immediate household. I can see she’s starting to turn the corner ever so slightly. We’ve had some new relationships recently and as time marches on, Hannah has begun becoming a little more comfortable with other adults and kids.

Lately Hannah has been getting very into music. She loves to watch different kids singing shows on her Kindle and will randomly break into song – usually The Wheels on the Bus or Baa Baa Black Sheep. She loves Skinnamarink and listening to her playlist in the car.

Hannah is our little “mini mama” and continues to be exceptionally nurturing. She loves taking care of her “kiddos,” which can be anything from her dolls to her stuffs, to a rock to a sticker. She’s quick to check on someone who is feeling upset and offer a “ohh, I’m sorry you’re upset!”

She also loves to be my helper. She’s always the first to jump in and ask if she can help bake or cook something and prefers to be the one to operate the washing machine. Hannah has figured out how to hang up shirts on a hanger and loves to have her own responsibilities.

Our girl is turning into quite the athlete. She absolutely loves skiing and is a terrific and spirited dancer and little gymnast. We recently got a trampoline and it’s been a blast watching her figure that out. She has impressive climbing skills and really enjoyed playing t-ball and soccer. She hasn’t had a ton of scooter or bike time lately, so I’m hoping to change that as spring weather is here to stay.

Watching Hannah’s relationship with her brother bloom has been one of the sweetest parts of parenting lately. These two sweet peas are the best of friends. Hannah misses her brother tremendously when he’s at school and rushes to give him a hug at pickup.

The toddler years with Hannah have been an absolute joy so far. Hannah is tremendously expressive, sweet and loving and I can hardly believe she’ll be turning three before we know it!