Happy Easter

Happy Easter from our little quarantined crew! Ben was SO excited about Easter this year, in particular, the concept of the Easter Bunny. He asked a bajillion questions and wanted to know every little thing about the famous rabbit. I just love seeing his enthusiasm and his curiosity. We enjoyed watching a video of someone […]

Lodge Life: Quarantine Week 5

It is hard to believe we’ve been in solitude for more than four weeks now. In some ways it really feels like forever, but it has flown by. Time is moving in a really strange way right now. Ben has started referring to the mountain house as “home” and saying things like “when we used […]

Lodge Life: Quarantine Week 4

We’re at the start of our fourth week out here at The Lodge. We are doing well and hoping for the same of anyone reading this. We have been making the most of the constantly changing weather and we have been practically living outside. This is what “homeschool” looks like in our house: My main […]

Lodge Life: Pandemic

We are safe, healthy and in good spirits. In case you missed our last post, our family is holed up in the mountains indefinitely while we self-quarantine amidst the pandemic. As we get further and further into this wild situation I feel more and more grateful for the blessings we do have right now. We […]

Mid-Winter Break

Kiddos in Seattle typically get the week of Presidents Day off of school. I think it’s sort of nice for those families who opt to take a vacation to get a break from the clouds; however, this year we stayed local. We split the week up a bit and spent the long weekend out at […]