Summer Swimming!

Our second home this summer seems to be water – anywhere we can find it!

We’ve basically been living at the Leavenworth Community Pool, which is absolutely amazing. We continue to be incredibly grateful for the outdoor pool and the wonderful, attentive lifeguards who keep us safe.

The kids have been taking swimming lessons all summer and have progressed in ways I didn’t even imagine were possible at this point. Ben has become an absolutely beautiful and strong swimmer. Next summer he will be joining the local swim team. Hannah has put all the skills she’s been working on for the last year into practice and she’s finally swimming on her own. Both kids can do an impressive cannonball!

In addition to the pool, we’ve been swimming in the river and our local lake, Lake Wenatchee. The level and swiftness of the river subsided rather quickly this summer and it’s made for a lot of fun in the local swimming holes.

One of the summer highlights was going to Slidewaters, a water park in Chelan. The kids loooveeddd it.

One of our goals this summer was to simply enjoy it. I think we’re nailing it.