Back to School

Ben had his first day of first grade last week. He was so ready! Going into his first day, he knew about half of the kids in his class, and that included several of his really good friends.

I expected his first week back to be a little rocky, to be honest, and I’m really happy to report I was quite mistaken. It was super smooth! He’s off to a great start!

School for Hannah will be a little different this year. She’s going to the same school, but it’s a different program with different teachers and a totally different location. Her school will be 100% outside – the mornings will be a mix of preschoolers plus 5 and 6-year olds. At lunchtime, the little kiddos go home and then Hannah and the older kids stay for a more big-kid focused afternoon time.

It’s going to be a little tricky for the first month with her broken leg. I’m overjoyed to report that the transition is going SO smoothly and that her teachers are making incredible accommodations for her to ensure she is included and able to participate. She is really enjoying her new program and loves the afternoons with the big kids!

So far we are off to a GREAT start! Yay!!