Ben is SEVEN!

Ben is really, really growing up! It feels like seven is such a turning point for a kiddo to transition from a little kid to a big kid. Gosh, he is getting so big and has become so capable. It’s been suuuuch a fun year with Ben!

Ben’s stats:

  • Weight: around 46 pounds
  • Height: about 49 inches
  • Clothing size: kids small (6/7)
  • Shoe size: kids 13
  • Number of teeth lost: 2!!
  • Favorite foods: crackers, pizza from school lunch, tacos, mac & cheese from The Old Mill
  • Favorite activities: playing outside, climbing, running, riding his bike, doing art projects, skiing, spending time with friends/family, jumping on the trampoline

Ben’s personality is certainly evolving as he gets a bit older. He is wildly inquisitive and curious – the depth of his inquisitions is honestly a bit mind boggling, as are the connections he makes. He is incredibly thoughtful and caring, so friendly, confident yet cautious, loving, cuddly and just so funny.

Ben has always been extremely independent. He really appreciates being able to do all the things for himself and on his own, and he also likes to make his own decisions. He craves autonomy in every way imaginable.

Ever since Ben was in utero he just didn’t stop moving. That continues to hold true for the most part. Ben is incredibly active and has impressive endurance. That said, if he’s interested in creating something or working on a project, he’s content to be still and focused.

This year Ben was on the Nordic ski team and played soccer in the spring. He took Spanish and swimming lessons in the fall. He’s certainly starting to refine what he loves and doesn’t really enjoy. I’m quite curious what this next year will look like for him in terms of the activities he chooses to pursue.

Some of my core memories of Ben are watching him ride his bike at the Leavenworth pump track – even as early as a two-year old. He is an impressive and confident biker. He has some remarkable goals on his mountain bike this summer.

Skiing with Ben is a sheer delight, I think for anyone. He is so much fun to ski with. If you can keep up with him, that is. He loves ducking off into the trees, finding the wildest bump sections to cruise through. It is simply a blast skiing with him.

Ben and his sister are the very best of friends. Sure, they argue and fight like siblings, but their love for each other gives me all the warm fuzzies. One of my absolute favorite things is to watch the two of them play pretend together.

Ben is at the tail end of his second year in kindergarten. We are SO happy with our decision to have him move into the school in town and begin with kindergarten. He is learning things that he wasn’t taught last year and his reading and writing foundation is incredibly solid now. He’s made some really lovely friends and he got to have another year where play was a part of the school day. He’s almost a first grader!

It sure seems like we have a lot of big kid changes on the horizon. I am really, really enjoying this phase of life with Ben and am also really looking forward to seeing how he continues to grow and change. What a guy he is!

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