Spring 2023

Our spring is flying by this year, and gosh it’s been a nice one! The transition from winter to spring was very slow – it took quite a while for the snow to melt and for it to really warm up. For the last three or four weeks we’ve been enjoying the absolute best spring weather!

The wildflowers this spring have been absolutely spectacular this spring. The hillsides are exploding with bright yellow balsamroot and purple lupine. I’ve started to see the orangey red Indian paintbrush popping up here and there, too.

We’ve been getting out to hike, run and ride bikes as often as possible to enjoy the wildflowers and sunshine.

Ben has been playing soccer this spring, though his season has already wrapped up. As with every soccer season he’s progressed tremendously from the start to the end. It seems like he’s enjoyed this season and probably made the greatest transformation. He scored his first goal ever during his last game! It was an absolutely incredible shot and I really hope I always remember that moment. It was a big one.

Hannah started doing ballet in January and absolutely loves it. Her recital is coming up tomorrow!

Alex has been getting out on weekly trail runs with the local trail running group. They’ve covered a lot of ground so far – this was a major highlight of his summer last year and I have a feeling that will be the case this year, too. He has also been mountain biking regularly and has been loving riding with friends and exploring new trails.

So far I’ve only gotten out on my mountain bike once, but have been hiking or running most days. It’s been so fun getting out exploring. It’s even better when Alex or a friend joins me.

We’re days away from planting the garden, though with the warm spring we’ve had, it seems we could have put everything in the ground several weeks ago. You just never know! Our strawberries are bursting with flowers – I am so excited to see how much they produce in their second year.

Our property is just over three acres, so there is a lot to do to maintain it year-round. We always have a very long spring clean-up list, and this year was no different. We’ve made really terrific progress, though it seems like there will always be projects. My car survived the long winter and mud season and has been staying pretty clean, thanks to regular maintenance touch-ups.

The grandparent parade has begun! My mom came for a visit a few weeks ago and she brought the gorgeous weather with her. We enjoyed a lot of time outside together.

Alex’s parents arrived recently and are spending several weeks with us this spring. My dad will come visit next month, as well. The kids are loving having grandparents here! It’s been so fun.

We are rounding the corner real fast towards the last day of school and a big birthday for Ben! We have so much to look forward to as we make the transition from spring to summer. More to come soon!