Meal Kit Delivery

On a whim I decided to try one of those meal kit delivery services. They’re all the rage and they seem kind of fun and provides a perfect opportunity to get outside my comfort zone and try something new, plus I wasn’t feeling particularly creative in the menu planning department, so, here we are… I […]

California Trip!

Alex and I recently returned home from a long weekend getaway to northern California. Before we ventured down the road to parenthood we said that once we have kids we want to make sure we’re prioritizing our marriage and taking time for the two of us. Now in our second year of parenthood I think […]


  The amount of time I’m spending in the kitchen either feeding Ben or preparing food for him in advance is on the rise. We’ve been trying to give him new foods as often as possible, which has been really fun! So far there really doesn’t seem to be anything he doesn’t like, though he […]


One of my favorite things in life is food. I’m far from a “foodie” – I really just like to eat good food and also enjoy a tasty burger every now and again. I’ve been so excited for Ben to start eating so that we could ultimately introduce him to our favorite foods. It has […]

Time in the Kitchen

I’ve had a lot of people ask if I’ve been able to find the time to still cook since Ben was born. The easy answer is yes! It’s not always easy and I opt for different types of meals now than I did before Ben was born, but I still cook dinner every night that […]