Time in the Kitchen

I’ve had a lot of people ask if I’ve been able to find the time to still cook since Ben was born. The easy answer is yes! It’s not always easy and I opt for different types of meals now than I did before Ben was born, but I still cook dinner every night that we’re home.


Before I went back to work I found a new menu planning template to work and I LOVE how it’s formatted. Most templates have you plan out every day’s breakfast, lunch and snacks, but that’s just not my style – I’d rather have a week of ideas for breakfast and lunch, but plan out the dinners for each night of the week with a little more intention.


This new menu has been working really well. I usually have themes for my dinners – I’m trying to do a Mexican dinner, an Asian night and sometimes a pizza night each week. Mexican offers great versatility with lunches the next day or use in leftovers/making something new later on in the week. Asian is our favorite and we love making homemade pizzas. I’ve also been pulling out my slow cooker more and more – it’s too handy not to!



Over the weekend while Alex and Ben were out at their “guys day” with two other dads and their babies {4 babies to 3 dads!} I spent quite a bit of time putting together some freezer meals – I made a bunch of breakfast sandwiches and waffles to be able to pull out and pop in the oven on a busy morning.


Here are some of my recent {and all-time!} favorites/go-to dinners: