Little Man is Growing!

Jackson is 9 weeks old today! In our first week and a half he has gained about 3 pounds but we can really tell that he’s getting longer and taller. Today he weighs 13 pounds.

Posing for the camera!
Posing for the camera!

Things are going well with Jackson. Here’s a little update about the pup:

  • He is sleeping through the night most nights and sometimes he even lets us sleep in until 6 a.m. – not today though!
  • Jack is eating really well now that we figured out that he’s a grazer. Hopefully that will contribute to his continuous weight gain over the next few months.
  • Since he’s been eating so well he has had much more energy than he had during his first few days with us. Thank goodness for our fenced in backyard so he can sprint around in circles.
  • We are on day 3 of being accident-free!! By no means is he house broken, but it’s great that we’re making consistent progress with potty training him.
  • Jackson is dying to have puppy playmates! He so wants to play and wrestle with the cats, but of course the cats are having none of that. Oliver and Henry are doing SO well with Jackson – they don’t even flinch when he passes by them. Henry will give Jackson the occasional whack on the head to remind him whose in charge.
  • Next Friday is Jack’s booster shot appointment. After he gets his booster it will be safe for him to meet and play with other dogs – right now, he can just play with other puppies.
Little buddies
Little buddies (we took the curtains off the windows yesterday because we had the windows cleaned).
He's getting big.
He’s getting big.
Henry has been really loving Jackson's food...
Henry has been really loving Jackson’s food…
Proud puppy daddy!
Proud puppy daddy!
Puppy snuggles :)
Puppy snuggles 🙂

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