Lodge Life: Week 19

We’ve been having the most mild summer out here in the Pacific Northwest. My kids’ fleeces are still out and regularly being put to use. And dang, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale got pushed back a month so Ben will be in a too-small fleece and rain coat until September. Speaking of September, it’s weighing heavily […]

Lodge Life: Week 18

It was a beautiful, extremely windy week here at The Lodge. We spent most of the week at home given the wind and the crowds coming in for the holiday weekend. We’ve been busy checking things off of our summer activity list and our summer baking list {post coming!}. The kids kicked off the week […]

Summer Baking/Cooking List

I’ve been a lot more inspired to bake lately and am really looking forward to doing some seasonal baking projects this summer. Angel food cake {done!} Peach crisp/cobbler Jam Strawberry pie Berry crisp/cobbler {done!} Lemon bars Ice cream Coffee cake {berry or peach} Strawberry shortcake Apple crisp I’ll be honest, summer is not my favorite […]

2020 Summer Fun List

Summer is here, and so is our summer fun list! It certainly looks a little different than it would if we weren’t in the midst of a global pandemic, but here goes: Breakfast picnic at the beach {done!} Make s’mores Go on a new hike Allen family bike camp Go golfing/mini golfing Pick fruit at […]

Lodge Life: Week 17

We had a really fun week this first full week of summer. Boy did it feel like summer — until the weekend that is. We’re in major sprinklers, wildflowers, picnic + beach-mode over here these days! The temps really started to climb right out of the gate last week. Sadly, that meant I had to […]

Lodge Life: Week 16

We had a really lovely week last week out here at The Lodge. The kids have been bonding in the sweetest ways and are really forming a friendship. It warms our hearts to see them playing together. For the most part we were just at home last week, playing in the yard. I did take […]

Hannah is 23 Months Old!

We’re one month away from having a two-year old!!! Honestly, though, we keep forgetting that she’s not two yet because she’s been acting like it for a while now. Hannah is so precocious. Hannah’s 23-Month Stats: Weight: 26 pounds, 6 oz {88th percentile – as of 1/22} Length: 32 inches {60th percentile – as of […]

Lodge Life: Quarantine Week 14

While much of the country seems to be loosening its restrictions for the pandemic we’re still very much hunkered down here in the mountains. Washington state is doing a phased re-opening by county. Where we are is still very much in phase one of re-opening, which essentially means nothing is open. It’s certainly been feeling […]

Lodge Life: Quarantine Week 13

This has been a week filled with emotions on both ends of the spectrum. We’ve had an absolutely incredible week, as Alex took the whole week off of work and we celebrated Ben’s fourth birthday. While we were out having fun it seemed like our country completely fell apart. My heart just aches for the […]