Lodge Life: Pandemic Week 24

Oofta – it’s been a busy couple weeks over here and I’m a week overdue on this post! Things are heating up with school preparation and planning to move back to Seattle, plus we’ve been busy having fun with Grammy and Papa. We were blindsided by some big news from Ben’s school. After being so […]

Lodge Life: Pandemic Week 23

The weather is changing out here at The Lodge and it is really starting to feel like fall is just around the corner. The aspen trees have that golden glow when the sun hits the leaves that look like those special early fall days. We’ve had a very mild summer – really, it felt like […]

Moving Home

We’ve been out at The Lodge now for about five months now. It’s looking like Ben’s school is going to be 100% in-person come September. That means we’re preparing to move back home to our primary residence in Seattle. Our time out here has provided memories we know will last a lifetime for Alex and […]

Lodge Life: Week 22

This last week we were feeling all the feels over here. It was a really tough week in our house. Alex had his last week at his job and is beginning his new position {same job different team} today, so he was busy making that transition last week. Later this week we’re expecting Alex’s parents […]

Lodge Life: Week 21

We had an extra special week celebrating Hannah’s 2nd birthday and enjoying a few bonus days with Alex, as he took off some time from work. Our week started out with a busy Monday – I took the kids to the beach that morning, then we made a post-nap trip into town to a blueberry […]

Hannah is 2!

I keep having to remind myself that Hannah hasn’t already been two for a while. She’s been acting like such a two-year old for a few months now that it’s funny we’re just now celebrating her birthday. But, lo and behold, our girl is TWO! Hannah’s 24-Month Stats: Weight: 26 pounds, 6 oz {88th percentile […]

Lodge Life: Week 20

Summer’s heat has arrived at The Lodge and we’ve been doing all the things. All the things at home, that is! The coronavirus is raging in Washington state and we’re extra hunkered down. Hunkered down and happy. The kids are having a blast just being kids, running around at home and riding their bikes and […]

Half Marathon #3!

Last weekend I ran my third half marathon. It was honestly on a bit of a whim – I asked my friend Joanna if she wanted to run 13.1 miles with me, we picked a date a week in advance and there you have it. Gearing up for a big run amidst a pandemic is […]

Lodge Life: Week 19

We’ve been having the most mild summer out here in the Pacific Northwest. My kids’ fleeces are still out and regularly being put to use. And dang, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale got pushed back a month so Ben will be in a too-small fleece and rain coat until September. Speaking of September, it’s weighing heavily […]

Lodge Life: Week 18

It was a beautiful, extremely windy week here at The Lodge. We spent most of the week at home given the wind and the crowds coming in for the holiday weekend. We’ve been busy checking things off of our summer activity list and our summer baking list {post coming!}. The kids kicked off the week […]