Well, nearly two years into the pandemic and Covid finally got to us. Hannah tested positive first – she had a fever and went down hard and fast. It took a few days for the rest of us to test positive {I had symptoms on Sunday but it took until Thursday for my test to come back positive}, but we’ve all got it.

Our symptoms were all different and we’re all on the road to recovery now. There’s been some lasting fatigue and general loss of stamina, which has probably been the biggest challenge.

We’ve hunkered down at home and will continue to do so this week. Hannah can go back to school on Wednesday, and Ben on Friday, both after a full ten days of quarantine.

Our quarantine has been fine so far. It’s never fun being sick, nor is it fun to feel like you can’t go anywhere. We are so grateful for the sunshine, and for friends and family checking in on us, bringing/sending flowers, dropping off food and projects and books for the kiddos. Unsurprisingly, being in quarantine is quite isolating and it meant a *lot* having connections to the outside world. We can’t wait to re-join the world and have a few months where we don’t have to worry about Covid! Indoor dining here we come!