All the Skiing!

Skiing is such a pillar for our family and this winter has been the absolute best for family skiing. Both of the kids are obsessed with downhill skiing and they are both loving cross country. It has been a blast!

We have been making the rounds at our local resorts to get the kids as much downhill skiing as possible. They are *loving* it!

Friday nights at Ski Hill have been a huge motivator. A handful of Ben’s friends from school come hang out and ski. Ben has become completely independent on the rope tow and skiing down the hill {in control!} as a result.

Ben and his three buddies have named themselves “The Rads” and it is the cutest thing. They wait for each other at the top, then all ski down together, hooting and hollering, having the time of their lives.

Hannah has taken a lot of inspiration from this and has been gaining a lot of confidence and tremendous skills. She’s still on the ski ropes {she’s skiing but we’re holding onto her via a rope}, but that’s more for her own comfort. I literally don’t do anything. She’s got it figured out!

Ben joined the local Nordic ski team and has twice weekly practices. He absolutely loves it. The program is a really big deal in our small town. The coaches do an exceptional job of making it fun for the kids!

Recently he competed in his first race. This was a “lollipop race” – the course is short and you get a lollipop at the finish line. He loved it, but said he wished it was longer! The ambiance of the big race was really exciting for Ben, so we will be traveling to the final race of the season in a couple weeks so he can have another go at it – this time will be a 1 km.

When the kids are in school consistently I am able to sneak out on the trails, myself! I have been absolutely loving Nordic skiing – specifically skate skiing. Alex and I learned last winter and it has been a significant source of joy and exercise for us both.

The best days are when Alex and I can ski together or when I can meet up and ski with a friend.

I’ve been taking Hannah out cross country skiing at least two or three times a week. At this point we’re just out there to have fun and I am happy to utilize snowflake fruit snacks and my “special water bottle” as a motivator!

We’re inching toward the halfway point of ski season {maybe we’ve already passed it?} and are trying to get as many days in as we can while the snow is still flying. Let it snow!!!