Two Years of Mountain Life

Time has passed in such a strange way these last two years. Our life in the mountains really began two years ago, just before Covid was declared a global pandemic. On a whim, we moved out to our then “mountain house,” to escape Seattle and Covid. I never thought we’d actually sell our house in Seattle and live out in the mountains full-time.

{March 2020}

We just love mountain life and living in our small, rural town. The community here is like nowhere else I’ve lived. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s a small town and you know your options are limited, but it feels like everyone is friendly and is just waiting to be your next best friend.

Having four distinct seasons is such a treat. We love the uniqueness that comes with each changing season. Our activities shift with the seasons and that keeps us on our toes and gives us enough variety to keep things interesting.

From the farmers markets to the ski hill to the community pool to soccer practice, I continue to marvel in how many families we have met and become friends with since moving here. We feel so fortunate to be a part of such a tight-knit, welcoming community.

The opportunities our kids are having in school are pretty incredible. When they’re in college or all grown up they can share stories of attending a two-room schoolhouse, or Hannah, attending an outdoor, nature-based preschool. Just last week Hannah went to school in her fleece-lined rain suit and got to build forts out of branches in the rain and watch the Monarch butterfly migration fly through.

Access to nature and the outdoors has been such gift for our family. Alex and I have surpassed 50 ski days this year and we feel it in our bodies and our minds. Getting out in nature and moving our bodies has proven to be paramount for all of us.

What we love the most; however, is the time we’re able to spend together as a family. We go on all sorts of family adventures, whether it’s to the local state park for a campfire and to roast sausages and S’mores, or a family ski day, a trip to the river, a hike or a mountain bike ride, we are relishing in this family time.

Surely there are some inconveniences and slight challenges in living in a rural area. It is a 25-minute drive into town to the main grocery stores, and there are really only a couple of restaurants within a short drive of us, so take-out is a rarity and not a service we can rely on. These challenges have made us so much more self-sufficient and mindful, which I have come to value.

Our move to the mountains has been a good one. We continue to dwell on how lovely this community is and how lucky we all are to be living here and raising our family in the mountains. Our life here feels so fulfilling and filled with joy.