Guesthouse Update: Late Spring

How’s the guesthouse/garage coming along, you ask? Slowly! But, it really feels like things have picked up tremendously the last couple months. We’re inching towards the finish line…

{This was mid-April. Thankfully a lot has changed since then!}

We’re not sure when the estimated date of completion will be yet – hopefully sometime this summer, though I wouldn’t be surprised if some loose ends need to be tied up into the fall and winter, given the supply chain challenges we’re currently facing.

Drywall and painting have been completed in the guesthouse as well as down in the garage. The crew made a mad scramble to install the cedar ceilings and gosh they’re gorgeous.

And the roof is done!!

Things have definitely picked up and we’re hoping after the floors are completed that we’ll switch over to mostly finishing stage.

We ordered our garage doors in July and they still have not arrived. I can’t wait to see how the exterior changes once everything is all complete. The siding and the roof are both finally finished, and the exterior doors were just installed.

We came home from a trip to find the house had been painted! Oh what a sight that was!

The floors were partially installed recently. They are stunning! It’s so fun to watch things come together.

Things are definitely moving forward. It’s really exciting to see so much noticeable progress. I’m positive we’re going to hit some snags as we round the corner to finishing the house, but for now, I’ll enjoy the forward progress and not focus on the fact that the washer and dryer aren’t available until November.