The Happenings

While this last week has been busy with random activities, mainly planning for winter, it has been so nice and quiet. Does that even make sense? Well, we’ve just had a lot of little stuff keeping us busy.

{Henry loves our new doormat!}
{Henry loves our new doormat!}

Our weekend was superb. My Fridays are finally starting to be “normal” {for me} so this past week I volunteered at the elementary school then ran a bunch of errands. I picked up some fun stuff for our house {and my closet}, and thanks to a very disgruntled employee at the ski shop, we got our skis tuned for free! I had dropped off three of our pairs of skis a few weeks ago to get tuned for the impending ski season and when I picked them up on Friday the employee was so annoyed with the computer system that he said “here… you can just have them… let me help you out to your car.” Ummm okay, not going to argue with that, thanks for saving us over $200!

Alex and his friend Nigel took a quick 25-mile bike ride after work on Friday then came and hung out in the kitchen while I whipped up some curry for our dinner. I had never made curry before and had been wanting to try it for quite a while and I am so glad I did! It was one of my most proud accomplishments in the kitchen. Curry isn’t hard to make, per se, but it requires a lot of ingredients that are unfamiliar to me, lots of prep and a whole lot of love. And boy was it a success!


Saturday was uber relaxing. One thing I got while I was out and about on Friday was a bunch of new blankets for our beds {think mid-layer blankets} and the one I got for our bed is basically like a sweater blanket. Needless to say, we did not want to get out of bed on Saturday morning! Eventually we did and had a great walk with Jackson, followed by a delicious breakfast of apple spice waffles. We got some stuff done around the house before Carrie and her mom stopped by for a quick visit.

{Henry is such a good supervisor!}
{Henry is such a good supervisor!}

Saturday evening we had dinner reservations at Crush, a restaurant in the Madison Valley, the neighborhood next to ours, that we wanted to go to. I’m not sure if this is a trend across the country, but in a lot of Seattle restaurants they have tasting menus that allow you to taste a variety of dishes. I personally love these because I am the one who always wants to try a bite of whatever anyone else gets, just to try something new. We were under false thinking that Restaurant Week extended into the weekend {oops!} but we were happy to be trying a new restaurant. We ordered a bottle of wine and several different tastes. We had a great time and enjoyed the food, but ultimately left with much to be desired. It’s so unfortunate to go out to a very expensive restaurant and be underwhelmed with the food and service and overwhelmed by the exorbitant cost of the meal.

Sunday, again, was super relaxing. Alex took Jackson for a run in the morning while I whipped up a yummy breakfast scramble and apple chips for a snack, then we got a few things done around the house before our dog trainer came for a quick session with Jackson. We spent the afternoon and sitting in front of the fire reading and chatting.


It’s back to work for both of us now! I have been really busy with work the last several weeks. I think next week things will finally start to slow down, but in the meantime, I am attending a conference this week, which is taking me out of my office and out of the schools. It’s kind of a nice change of pace, but holy cow is it exhausting to sit and listen to someone all day! That said, I wanted to share a part of a student enrollment form I received that states that someone’s child is allergic to ebola. I mean, really!? I literally laughed out loud…


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