The Flu

In case you haven’t heard, the flu is going around. It’s a mean and nasty virus and unfortunately I did not escape it. I spent all week in bed and missed the entire week of work. I don’t think I’ve been so sick since I was a child. Being sick still, I missed out on skiing on Friday, as well as wine tasting yesterday. More on that later…

Alex was such a gem and picked up a lot of slack while I was unable to help out. He didn’t complain once about getting up by himself at the crack of dawn to take Jackson for his walks and he was at my beckon call when I needed another ginger ale or when I needed him to reaffirm that I still had a fever. He sure wasn’t shy about poking fun of the fact that I don’t get the flu shot, though. In any case, it was great to have him take such good care of me and get everything ready for Bryan and Sarah’s visit to Seattle this weekend.

I am on the mend now and almost back to normal with just a bit of a lingering cough. I’m looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow!

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