Summer So Far…

The days have been coming and going so fast lately it’s hard to even recall what we have been up to over the last three weeks since we’ve returned home from our big Euro trip.

{I got an ice cream maker!!}
{I got an ice cream maker!!}

Seattle summers are awesome. We put up with 9 months of rain for 3 months of perfection {shhh… don’t tell anyone! The traffic doesn’t need to get any worse…} and try to enjoy every minute of the sunshine while it sticks around.



Because it doesn’t really get very hot in Seattle it’s pretty rare to see air conditioning. Our pets have been using the tile floors and the cement to keep cool on the hotter days.


It seems like I have been extra busy with random little tasks. Here are some things that have been going on lately:

  • I just started a new workout program at the Pilates studio in our neighborhood. My friend Mary finished her Pilates certification so now my classes with her are done, but that leaves me in need of an exercise program! I am taking barre classes and reformer classes and am loving the new studio.
  • We’ve caught the decorating bug and I have been coordinating {read: shopping} a bunch of home decor stuff, painters, tile guys and other tradesmen. It’s the perfect excuse to hang out on Pinterest and Houzz! We hope to “finish” our house {that will really never happen} by the holidays… Stay tuned to keep up with our progress!
  • The berries, stone fruits and tomatoes are so phenomenal right now! I have been taking Jackson down to our neighborhood’s farmer’s market every week that we’ve been home and stockpiling as much produce as I can carry home. I’m going to try to find a good gazpacho recipe for tomorrow’s tomatoes…
  • It’s that time of year again when Jackson and Henry need to go to the vet. I took J in for his rabies and bordatella shots {of course two separate visits}, Henry went in today for his rabies shots, then Jackson goes in tomorrow for his first of two leptosperosis shots. I am always amazed at how often we visit the vet!
  • Alex has been getting back into biking now that his broken wrist and ribs are healed. He is loving it!
  • It’s hard to believe that fall is just around the corner… That means ski season is getting closer! Alex and I are planning on getting new ski gear for the upcoming season so I’ve been doing a lot of shopping and researching, trying to find the best gear.
  • This is really going to be the busiest year we have ever had in terms of trips and travel, not to mention out of town guests, so I am trying to stay ahead of things and plan our trips… Shocking, I know 🙂


{celebrating Patrick's birthday}
{celebrating Patrick’s birthday}


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