Summer Recap

Summer isn’t normally my favorite season. Don’t get me wrong, I love our sunny Seattle summer days, but I’m usually more of a fall and winter kind of gal. Not this year, though! This summer rivals some pretty epic summers I’ve had for the best summer of my adult life and I’m sliding it into the top slot of best summers of all time.

This post is mainly going to be a photo dump, but I’ll preface by saying that this summer was so fantastic because of all of the family time we’ve been able to have in the mountains. Our life slows down so much out there. The days are so full and they move so much slower and we jam them full of adventure, exploration and family giggles – oh, and eating. These really are the days…

{Ben kicked off summer with two weeks of swimming lessons in early June. He became quite comfortable in the water!}
{Ben’s first bike competition! Bike ‘n Juice at Ski Hill in Leavenworth.}
{We fell in love with the community pool in Leavenworth this summer and went there at least once a week.}
{I’ve been enjoying more homemade iced lattes this summer to save myself a trip to the coffee shop.}
{Ben got a scooter for his 3rd birthday. He’s a pro already!}
{Lake Wenatchee – one of our favorites.}

{Overlooking the Wenatchee River.}
{Ben participated in 6 weeks of summer camps. 2 weeks were bike camps and the remaining were at his former preschool.}
{Ben + dirt = love}
{Icicle Gorge hike – my personal favorite!}

{A big part of our late summer has been getting our irrigation lines run and our yard prepped for grass in Leavenworth.}
{The view from my favorite coffee shop in Leavenworth is incredible…}
{Grammy and Papa came to celebrate Hannah’s first birthday!}
{Hannah turned ONE!}
{Inspiration Playground in Bellevue is a favorite!}
{We had very few Seattle beach days this summer, but one of my favorites was when we met a few friends and had a pizza picnic on the beach with the kiddos.}
{This kid could spend all day digging in the sand.}
{Backyard water fun!}
{I remember this morning. Alex had to leave for work around 6 a.m., totally unexpectedly, so I piled the kids in the stroller and took Jackson for a long walk around the neighborhood. Notice Mount Rainier in the background. It was the best way to start the day.}
{We stumbled upon so many spectacular sites this summer. This beach on the Wenatchee River is at the top of the list for sure.}
{We had a few different families out to The Lodge this summer and had a blast spending more time with them.}
{Hannah turned into a toddler this summer!}
{One of the hidden beaches in our neighborhood in Seattle.}
{Grandpa Fred came for a visit in mid-August!}
{Hikes at Ski Hill in Leavenworth are extra special.}
{The grass is coming in at The Lodge and Ben loves playing baseball!}
{As the summer carried on we spent more and more time just playing outside in Leavenworth.}
{Our summer came to a close with our family trip to Wisconsin. More on that later!}

Ben is back in school now and fall is here in Seattle. Summer came to a halt after Labor Day and I wasn’t as prepared as I had hoped. I had really been expecting an Indian summer to precede our switch to autumn and that doesn’t seem to be the case. Here’s hoping for a fantastic fall to follow our summer!