Precious Moments

Both Alex and I learned right off the bat the importance of quality time versus quantity of time with Ben. That has been a valuable lesson in going back to work and balancing our careers with being parents. It makes the precious little moments that more meaningful…


Reading to Ben is one of my favorite things to do. He LOVES reading. It is so much fun. There are days when we get through more than 10, if not 20, books per day. My “guilty pleasure” in terms of buying too much stuff for Ben is that I buy way more books than any kid needs. There could be worse things, right?


This smile. It gets me every time. This kid absolutely melts my heart.


Ben loves taking baths. He is completely calm and content in the tub. Lately he’s been sticking one of his feet up on the side of the tub and totally lounging. It’s adorable. I love wrapping him up in a big fuzzy towel with an adorable hood on it after he comes out all squeaky clean. He is too cute! 🙂


This is what real life looks like in our house.

Our “hang out” spot is on the floor in Ben’s room. Alex and I get such a kick out of watching the smallest of developmental milestones happen right before our eyes. Sometimes the highlight of our days is laying on the floor of Ben’s room playing with toys with him. When we’re hanging out with Ben we strive to not be on our phones at all. It’s hard because I like to take pictures, which I do, but I’ve been trying not to text them out to family/friends right away because it takes away from the moment. Usually I end up forgetting to send them later, but I’d rather be more present with Ben and have him see me paying him attention to him rather than my phone.


This little boy brings us so much joy!