Ben’s First Trip to the Aquarium

Throughout the last four months since Ben has been home with us we have gone on a number of outings and adventures. Most of them have been walks around our neighborhood or at different parts of the area. We’ve done a hike and gone through the arboretum countless times. I’ve taken Ben shopping with me and he’s been carted around to wineries, restaurants, on errands and to lunch dates. Now that Ben is five months old, awake a lot and super interested in his surroundings we’ve decided to make a true effort in taking him on outings that he’d actually enjoy and that we were doing just for him.


Over the weekend we took Ben downtown to the Seattle Aquarium. It is perfect for kids! Ben absolutely loved it. His eyes were wide open the entire time we were there. He was so fixated on the fish and bright lights. It was pretty neat to see.


It’s so fun watching a child experience something in life for the first time. The pure wonderment of it all was the best part for Alex and me.


We’re excited to show Ben around the city and our beautiful region. We hope to get out on a fun adventure every week!