New Winter Hobby

As a way to get out into the mountains and play in the snow, Alex and I have recently gotten into cross country skiing. We went one time last winter together and really enjoyed it. We’ve been missing our weekends in the snow this winter, so¬†we decided to purchase a cross country gear set-up and make it a regular occurrence to get out in the fresh mountain air.


Downhill skiing has been a major part of our lives in the winter ever since we moved out to Seattle 8 years ago. Having Ben now makes it more difficult to go out for a downhill ski day just the two of us so we chose cross country skiing as a way to get out as a family.


We have a baby carrier called an Ergo 360 and I can wear Ben on my front or on my back, basically like a backpack. I hadn’t tried the back carry position until we tried cross country but it is really comfortable and he seems to like it quite a bit. Honestly I hardly even noticed Ben was strapped to my back it was that comfortable – it just felt like my regular ski backpack that I usually wear.


Neither Alex or I are pros at Nordic skiing by any means but being the one with the better balance and athletic abilities I was nominated to be the baby wearer. We both did really well and quickly became more and more comfortable with our new sport.


Being out in the mountains with Ben three times over the holiday week was probably the best part of our whole break. The mountains are so important to us and we want to pass that down to Ben and do our best to make sure he’s a skier as well as an outdoor enthusiast.