Nancy’s Birthday Weekend in Seattle

My mom came out to Seattle to celebrate her birthday this past weekend. It was a big birthday for her so I thought it would be fun to let her escape the chilly Minnesota weather and come hang out in Seattle.

She arrived on Friday evening, which was her actual birthday. We went up to Bottlehouse, our neighborhood wine bar, and celebrated accordingly. My mom had some pink champagne and Alex and I shared a bottle of wine. It was great to catch up and start her visit off right.

An evening out at Bottlehouse.
An evening out at Bottlehouse.

When we got back home it was time for cake! I had made a chocolate angel food cake, which is what my grandparents used to make for my mom. It seemed like the cake was a big hit!

Saturday morning we woke up before the sun. Alex had planned a back country ski trip with Patrick and Carrie that day, so I got up with him and dropped him off at their house. When I got back, my mom and I took Jackson for a walk before getting ready to head to the spa.

I made appointments for my mom and me to get pedicures at my favorite spa out in Redmond. It’s such a luxurious pampering experience and I thought it would be a great birthday treat for my mom. We started off on the wrong food {heehee} because the spa had booked us in two separate rooms, so we began our pedis apart. Thankfully we were able to get moved into the same room eventually and finished off the appointment together. While we were in different rooms we chose our nail color, and lo and behold, we ended up selecting the exact same color!

Birthday cake for the birthday girl!
Birthday cake for the birthday girl!

Not long after we got back home, Alex returned from his ski excursion. We said our hellos and he quickly let me know that he had fallen ill while he was out for the day. I put him to bed and ran out to the pharmacy to pick up some stuff to hopefully keep whatever he was getting at bay or at least lessen the illness. Having just been quite ill myself I did not want him to have what I had!

It’s amazing my mom didn’t hop back on a flight on Saturday and hit the road with two sick-os under a very small roof that she was sharing with us! I still have a pretty bad cough {16 days and counting! Yes I have been do the doctor.} and Alex’s new illness kept him in bed for the rest of the weekend.

We had reservations for dinner on Saturday night at Daniel’s Broiler, a fabulous steakhouse just down the road from my house. Alex ended up skipping out on dinner so he could try to sleep off his bug, while I coughed my way through the meal. Despite the circumstances, we had a great dinner. Daniel’s is such a treat – fantastic food, great service and a really nice ambiance.

Sunday didn’t bring a whole lot of excitement. We took Jackson for a walk and sat around my house chatting for most of the rest of the time. My mom played the “mom” role of taking care of both of us and making us rest, which was probably a good thing, so we had a really laid back day before taking her to the airport mid-afternoon.

It is always so nice to have family and friends come to visit and get the chance to spend some quality time with them. I’m glad my mom was able to come spend her birthday with us in Seattle!

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