New Year… New Exercise Goals!

It just so happens that Alex and I both got new jobs that have opened the doors to new exercise goals and routines around the start of the new year. It looks like our new fitness track will coincide with everyone else’s new years resolutions! Neither one of us has any specific goals with our fitness plan other than leading a healthy life that includes regular, consistent exercise and a well-balanced diet.

Both Alex and I were probably in the best shape we have ever been in over the summer, with him training for his 200-mile bike ride and me running all the time. Unfortunately, our busy schedules and lack of follow-through resulted in us “falling off the bandwagon” a bit this fall and winter. We have gotten a slow start to ski season, so we don’t even have that as a regular form of exercise either. It’s great that we both have come up with independent plans that should work for both of us to get back into a regular routine.

Alex's "Race Day"
Alex’s “Race Day”

Alex joined a gym near his new office and has been loving his new exercise routine. One of the benefits his company provides is a reimbursement for exercise equipment, so he stocked up on some new gym clothes and got a yoga mat to kick start his new habit. Alex has been going to the gym 2-3 mornings per week to start his day by lifting weights and doing cardio. He is also planning on starting yoga next week!

For at least a year, if not three years, Alex has been talking about wanting to do yoga or be better at stretching regularly. It is incredible that he is finally making that happen! I can’t wait to see how well he likes it.

One of the new running outfits I got over the summer.
One of the new running outfits I got over the summer.

Once the sun decides to rise before 8:00 a.m. I plan on getting back into running a few days per week. I am so excited to have Jackson as my running buddy now that he’s basically fully grown. It’s perfect timing, too, because he is starting to get to the point where our 3-mile morning walks don’t tire him out anymore!

I just started Pilates instruction this week and I plan on taking my Pilates class from Mary once a week. I might even mix in some mat workouts at home if I’m feeling particularly motivated. I am also planning on adding a couple days of weights at home to my fitness routine. 

It’s been nice to ease into our new fitness routines slowly so that we don’t get over amped and drop them right away. I think that we are both really motivated right now and are using our change in jobs to jump start a new healthy lifestyle in the new year!

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