Kicking off The Holidays 2021

It’s undeniably one of my favorite times of the year right now – this sweet spot between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We’re doing all the things and getting *so* excited for Santa.

Our Thanksgiving was lovely. It was very quiet – just the four of us – but we had a really great day. The kids were very excited to help prepare everything.

Living in the mountains in a winter wonderland, especially with a downtown that is so magical, still feels like such a dream. We’ve driven into town a few nights to enjoy the all of the spectacular Christmas lights.

I’ve been rather reserved in cookie baking this year. The kids helped make sugar cookies {with this frosting}, Christmas M&M cookies, and ginger molasses cookies, as well as peppermint bark. One day I decided to bake by myself and made some candied pecans and Mexican wedding cookies.

It’s always a special day when we put up the Christmas tree. This year’s came from our property. We knew it would be a tricky year to have a Christmas tree with a puppy, so we chose a small one and set it up in our loft.

The kids, especially Ben, get so into decorating the tree and the house.

This year I decided to make a gingerbread house totally from scratch. Probably won’t happen again, but it was worth the experience. Ben and Hannah loved decorating it.

We’re loving all of the holiday greeting cards that have been arriving this season. Thank you *so* much to everyone who has taken the time to send us one. We display them all and take so much joy in receiving them.

Happy holidays!