Christmas 2021!

This is one of my favorite times of the whole year. I look forward to snow and winter and Christmas all year long. This year felt extra special. The snow has felt extra magical and spectacular. And Ben and Hannah are at such a fun age, especially to celebrate Christmas. We’re really focusing on family, gratitude and joy. All the things that matter most.

The last two Christmases have just been our little family, so it was also extra special to have Alex’s parents here to celebrate with us this year.

We’ve been ice skating most days. What a special way to enjoy the cold snap we’ve had this last week.

Just before Christmas we went out on a sleigh ride.

The kids had so much fun making sausage rolls and cookie dough with Grammy.

They just adore playtime with their grandparents.

One afternoon most of us ventured out to go cross country skiing. The moment we got our skis on it started snowing *so* hard. It was quite unexpected! We were not prepared for the wind or the snow. Needless to say it was a short ski!

Alex and I were able to get out and go skate skiing, just the two of us. We learned how to skate ski last winter but never had childcare. Finally, we got a chance to get out together!

And! We went downhill skiing together, too! Hurrah! Thanks, Grammy and Papa!

Christmas itself was so wonderful. Alex and I even got to enjoy a cup of coffee in front of the fire before Ben woke up around 5:30.

The kids made each other, and everyone else, pictures.

Santa and family members were abundantly generous this year.

Ben and Hannah had so much fun exploring and playing with their gifts all day long.

What a joy this season has been. I’m looking forward to a snowy, skiing-filled winter, finding joy and enjoying the things that matter most.