Winter is Here!

It feels like the seasons changed all at once a couple weeks ago. The ground and the trees are covered in white pillows, cross country skiing opened, downhill skiing opened and the kids all of a sudden are playing in the snow every day. Shoulder season is over!

It’s so hard to pick a favorite season. I just love them all. There is something so magical about winter, though. It’s definitely a top contender for my number one.

We have been absolutely *loving* pulling Ben {and sometimes Hannah!} on the sled to and from school. Mountain living right there!

Ben, and all the other students at his little school, are allowed to borrow a pair of XC ski boots and skis for the winter to use during recess and their exercise time.

Last week I took Ben and Hannah cross country skiing on the trails near our house for the first time ever! We got to take Ben’s school skis and boots home for winter break and we rented some gear for Hannah.

Ben loved Nordic skiing so much that we ended up signing him up for the local Nordic ski team. It is such a pillar of our little mountain community. He is so excited.

The kiddos had their first downhill ski day of the season, and Alex just had his, as well. We had such a fun time at Leavenworth Ski Hill. It’s the perfect place for little kids.

Our skating rink has been getting a ton of action the last few days. What a dream it is to be able to go ice skating in our yard! We can’t wait to continue to host our friends and neighbors for skating parties.

It has been hilarious watching all of the gear accumulate in our mud room. We have so many hooks and cubbies and hangers and they’re just perpetually full. As is the floor. I try to keep it organized, and I really do love looking at the pile of stuff with a really full heart and a smile. It’s such a privilege and a joy to be able to enjoy all of these activities.

So far this winter is shaping up to be a great one! Keep the snow coming, Mother Nature!