Today we got a new doctor {our “doctor” is whichever doctor happens to be on the floor at a given point in time – usually they rotate every few days, so we’ll have the same doctor for a few days and then a new doctor the next few days} and a new plan!

This new doctor seems less “optimistic” from the standpoint of us getting to 36 weeks and he said between 34-35 weeks is going to be the end of the line. That’s totally fine with us and is in line with what we’ve been expecting and hearing for the last week or so. This doctor actually went as far as suggesting we schedule a c-section date because, somehow, they are quite tricky to schedule. And it turns out he was right! I had 3 options to choose from the week of June 5th.

So, at this point, my scheduled c-section is Monday June 6th. And yes, it’s 6.6.16 and no, we don’t care. It’ll be easy to remember and I actually like the flow 🙂 I looked up the number 6 and its numerology story and it is actually a pretty cool number – my favorite is the Chinese “lucky number six” that means smooth and well-off, plus, mathematically speaking, 6 is a perfect number. Pretty nifty! And it is not only our potential “d-day” {delivery day} but it is actually d-day from the WWII sense.

Bear in mind that just because the 6th is our scheduled d-day doesn’t actually mean that’s when the baby will be born! It is simply a possibility. If he happens to hold out until that week we’ll possibly re-evaluate once we approach 34 weeks {which is on June 5} and it could potentially be postponed if he’s doing really well still. Any of my monitoring – the ultrasounds or heart rate monitoring – can trigger a delivery, too, so, while we have a scheduled date, it’s not a firm line in the sand.

This new doctor today wanted me to get the steroid shot again {this preps the baby’s lungs for delivery and helps them develop} right away since I’m able to have it again, so I did my second round of that today.

The doctors agree that the babe is still stable and showing signs that life in utero is still okay, so, for now, we wait. We’re still keeping busy at the hospital – I’ve had a different visitor every day and we’ve been working on a puzzle and both of us have been working remotely. We’ve found a few things on Netflix to watch during my monitoring sessions to help pass the time, as well. So, we’re hanging in there okay!

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