A Week in the Hospital

I’ve officially been living in my hospital room for a week now {plus the 5 days I spent on my two previous admissions…….} and it’s looking like I’ve got about 2 more weeks to go. So yeah, it’s been a fun month of May so far!

Alex and I are extremely fortunate to be in such a great place and have the ability to rely on modern medicine and have a really good outlook for our situation. Still, though, it’s not been an easy last three weeks for our little family, but we’re making the best out of the hand we’ve been dealt.

Now that we’ve been here for so long we’ve been able to get into a rhythm at the hospital most days. That will soon change a bit with Alex planning to go back to work next week for a few hours a day, assuming the baby remains stable. We have plenty of things to keep us occupied and my time on the monitors also helps fill the day.

Alex’s parents were kind enough to come out to help us at home while we are being pulled away. Both of his parents are officially retired and they also have a golden retriever, so naturally, they were the right folks for the job. It has been really helpful having someone stay at the house to keep Jackson and Henry company and well-cared for, not to mention they both are unable to sit still so they’ve been cranking out projects left and right! {I’m hoping they’ll take some time for themselves to relax though! Hint, hint..} We are so appreciative of them coming out to help with the pets and our house.

We have SO loved the visitors who have stopped by the hospital – it’s nice to see familiar faces who aren’t coming in to poke me with another needle {or wiggle the IV needle profusely in my vein and then decide that another vein would be better}, ask if I’m constipated yet, or wake me up at 4 a.m. to take my blood pressure. Sorry, I love {most of} you nurses, just let me sleep for the love of god.

One of these days I’ll get to go back home again. While I’m learning there is a lot I took for granted, my home is not one of those things. I’m fairly certain that every morning when Alex and I are sitting down for breakfast we marvel in how proud we are of our home and how much we love it. Not being able to go home has been by far the hardest part of this journey. While I love adventures, traveling, and exploring, I’m definitely a homebody. It’s almost harder that our house is so close to the hospital – maybe they won’t notice if I sneak out?!

The constant ups and downs and changes of plans haven’t been easy, either, but we’re certainly adjusting to the ebbs and flows of this predicament. We’re opting to remain upbeat and ready for anything – we wouldn’t get through this situation any other way. We realize that we are in the backseat – make that the trunk – and have no control of the road we’re on. We can visualize the destination, but we don’t know how or when we’ll get there. All I can say is thank you, again, for all of the support and encouragement in this unexpected situation. We are SO fortunate to have so many terrific friends and family members.

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