33 Weeks!

There have been numerous occasions over the last three weeks where I didn’t ever expect we’d make it to 33 weeks, but here we are!

33 weeks

I’m still in the hospital and will remain here until we meet this little fella. Our latest plan includes the scheduled c-section on Monday June 6th. Unless he needs to be delivered sooner, June 6th will be the very end of the pregnancy for sure. Our most recent doctor said that will definitely be the end of the road and given the situation she doesn’t think that he would have any benefits inside past 34 weeks.

My last bit of news is that I did have the second course of the steroid shot, which helps mature the baby’s lungs and preps him for delivery, so at any time now, the steroid is at full-strength and ready to work. This is an extremely important outcome predictor and will greatly reduce his time in the NICU.

Our doctor yesterday mentioned that if we do, indeed, make it to 34 weeks for my scheduled c-section that the baby would likely only need to be in the intermediate nursery {lower level of care needed for baby than the level 4 NICU} for a few weeks – maybe even only one or two, and that I might be able to hold him right after he’s born!

We are still really optimistic that we can make it another week and a day before meeting this little boy. Here’s to him cooking for another 8 days!

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