Ultrasound Results & What’s Next

We hit our next milestone today: the growth ultrasound! We received some very unexpected but fantastic results from the doctor: the baby grew and he grew at the rate he should have grown at!

Here’s the scoop:

  • Baby is still below the 1st percentile and always will be unless he grows at a rate that is faster than the “expected” growth rate.
  • The ultrasound measured that the baby made adequate interval growth, meaning he grew 2 weeks of growth in 2 weeks time, which is what the doctors would expect a baby to make.
  • While the levels of cord flow resistance are still elevated, today they’re not seeing an absence or reversal of the cord flow, which is extremely good news, as well.
  • The ultrasound estimates that the baby weighs 2 pounds 13 ounces today.
  • There is a 10-20% margin of error in ultrasounds…

What all this means:

  • Baby can keep cooking away for a while longer!
  • The doctor was extremely encouraged by the ultrasound today, in particular, his growth and the fact that the cord flow is stable and not worsening.
  • The regular heart rate monitoring that I do several times a day will continue to be the primary source of monitoring and ensuring that the baby is doing okay inside. I have been having more regular contractions and baby does not like them, so he’s been having more drops in his heart rate, but the recoveries after the drops and the time in between drops are still looking good enough to keep him in there for now. The heart rate monitor could only send me to delivery if he had a major drop and wasn’t recovering, or if the monitoring strip is trending in a negative direction, but that would be less of an emergent situation.
  • Our doctor said that at her practice she is one of the most conservative doctors and takes the least amount of risks and it is her intention to keep this baby inside for as long as possible. She’s even thinking at this point we could make it past 34 weeks if things continue to look so good.
  • Because the doctor thinks the baby might stay inside longer she is going to hold off on administering the second round of the steroid {which preps the baby’s lungs for delivery} until either we make the call for delivery or until the end of the window in which the steroid can be administered {has to be before 35 weeks}. This is really good news because it means she doesn’t expect he will be arriving soon.

We are extremely happy with the results of the ultrasound. If we could make it to 34 weeks or beyond that would be absolutely incredible for the baby! And at 34 or 35 weeks, we could avoid the NICU potentially, and the baby could simply spend some time in the intermediate nursery until he gains a little weight and masters eating.

With all of the great news, we also talked to the doctor about Alex being able to spend less time at the hospital. Alex has been unbelievably supportive in this situation and has slept here in my room every night and stayed for most of the day every day to be with me. The doctor was really confident in the baby’s monitorings and overall stability and said that Alex can definitely have a longer leash away from the hospital. He’s going to try to figure out a balance of home, hospital and work now, and will start going into work between my morning and afternoon monitoring and be able to have a little more sanity. I’ll take one for the team and hang out at the hospital until the kiddo arrives, though 😉

Next milestones:

  • Sunday {May 29th}: 33 weeks
  • Monday {May 30th}: next biophysical profile ultrasound {measures cord flow}
  • Sunday {June 5th}: 34 weeks — could we have a June baby after all!?!

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