Ski Season!

This is my absolute favorite time of the year. Bring on the snow!! And let’s go skiing! I’ve come to realize in adulthood that winter is the time I am often happiest. As a mother, some of the moments I feel most confident and joyful are when I am taking my kids skiing, either alpine or nordic. It’s such an important part of our lives.

This year we started out alpine skiing with one completely independently skiing kiddo. Three cheers for that!!

And our Hannah girl, true to form, hadn’t been ready to be skiing on her own. Physically she was there, and had been since last season, but she likes for us to somehow be connected. The least back-breaking way for that to happen is for Alex or me to hold one end of a ski pole with Hannah next to us, holding the other end, and skiing down together.

We could tell that she was at a breakthrough moment and managed to get her into a private ski lesson at Stevens Pass. The timing was perfect and by the end of her private lesson she was an independent skier! And now she is absolutely crushing it!!

Ben joined the local nordic team again, and Alex is coaching. We absolutely love that our community drops everything to support the ski team and rally around these kids. The spirit of our small rural, mountain community is filled with love, support and connection. We feel so fortunate to be a part of it.

This year Ben competed in two WA Nordic Cup races, classic skiing without poles in both. Especially at his first race he did exceptionally well. The lack of poles did not do him any favors, though! He’s a great little skier and was so proud of the ribbon he was given for his participation.

We’ve been skiing as much as possible as a family, both alpine and nordic.

Alex and I managed to get a ski day at Stevens in while both kids were simultaneously at ski school. We had so much fun skiing together!

I set a goal to ski at least 100 days this season. As of writing this, I’m at day 54 {and 28 consecutive!}. Luckily for me, we got such an early start to ski season I think I should be able to make this happen! It’s been a really fun challenge.

Our winter has been so incredible so far, and we still have so much of it left to enjoy! It feels like we’re living and breathing skiing right now, which is so much fun. We surely belong in the mountains and are so happy to be here.