Holiday Season

Now that the holidays are behind us we’re diligently focused on ski season. We had such a lovely holiday season, though it felt a little different this year.

The lead-up to Christmas felt so long this year. This is due, mostly, I think, to the wildly early start to winter. We’ve had snow covering the ground since November 3rd. It kick-started our winter and the anticipation of Christmas and the holiday season.

It felt weird to have a snow-covered ground and pumpkins and fall decor, but I just couldn’t bring myself to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving. We waited until the day after Thanksgiving to bring out all the holiday things. This is my absolute favorite time of the year, so, it was hard to not dive right in and start doing all the Christmas things right away.

New this year was our fake tree. Ack! I can hardly say it. Really, it was beautiful and it filled our space perfectly, but still, it’s not a real tree. Despite my disdain for fake trees, I am glad we did it, and dang it was nice not stringing the lights this year!

As December carried on, we filled our days with baking and eating cookies, skiing, ice skating, sledding, shoveling and drinking hot chocolate. We did SO much.

Ben finished up school mid-December, then recessed until after the new year. Alex had the same timeframe off of work, too, so we had two entire weeks off at home together. It was so special.

Amidst the fun was a whole lot of chaos as we were racing to the finish line to try to get the guesthouse done and ready for its first occupants: Alex’s parents! Trucks lined our driveway and the crew was in and out, working tirelessly to finish up the loose ends, get the cabinets finished up, install the last of the things and get the tile set in the bathroom.

The guys turned the guesthouse over to us, temporarily, on December 23rd and we scrambled to move in and get everything settled for Alex’s parents to arrive on Christmas day. There are still a few projects to complete, like the kitchen backsplash and finishing the railings in the stairway, but it’s livable now!

Some of our Christmas Eve traditions include making cinnamon rolls, making lasagna and reading The Night Before Christmas by the fire. This year we took the loveliest stroll via snowshoes – I hope to make that a Christmas Eve tradition.

The enthusiasm and anticipation of Christmas was so high among our eldest. Ben is truly like a real-live Buddy the Elf – he loves Christmas more than anyone I have ever met. Unsurprisingly, he was up at 4:48 on Christmas morning, eager to investigate and enjoy the day!

Christmas morning was delightful, despite the rain outside. We opened gifts, savored Alex’s cinnamon rolls {a new recipe this year!}, played together and FaceTimed with family across the country.

The delight waned when we received word that Alex’s family’s flight, originally scheduled for Christmas Day, had been canceled. We had been so excited for their arrival and it was such a disappointment that their trip was to be postponed several days.

While we awaited their delayed arrival the weather turned from rain to ice and we ultimately lost power. Always an adventure! We ended up camping out at home for several days while the roads crews literally chipped away at the ice. The mountain passes ended up being closed for days on end.

Finally, late in the week, Alex’s parents, sister and her family arrived! The kids instantly re-connected like no time had passed. They also couldn’t wait to tear into their Christmas gifts.

We had such a fun long weekend with everyone. We skied, sledded, ice skated, played together, rang in the new year and had such a lovely time.

After we said goodbye to Alex’s sister and her family we switched gears to getting back into the swing of things in the new year. The kids went back to school and Alex went back work. Alex’s parents are still here for the next few weeks and we’re getting into our new groove. And that’s a wrap!