Remembering Jackson

A few weeks ago our sweet dog, Jackson, caught his last ball and went for his last walk. He was battling an aggressive cancer and was showing early signs of internal bleeding. Before it got too bad, we made the incredibly difficult decision to say goodbye.

I truly can’t imagine a better family dog than Jackson. He was always around, no matter where or when. He was so loyal, loving and protective. We will always remember our sweet pup.

Alex and I got Jackson when he was a little 8-week old pup. He was so easy to train and we bonded with him so quickly. He’s always been our little bud.

Such a cuddle bug from day one!

We have so many memories of taking Jackson on hikes, swimming and on so many trips with us.

{Jackson with his buddy Berkeley!}

It warms our hearts that he made it long enough to formally live in the mountains. He was so happy here – honestly, I think he was the happiest of us all to be in the mountains.

Our whole family is still reeling from the loss of Jackson. He was such a major part of our family and we’re honestly just devastated. Still. It’s hard to go up to bed at night without him and there are so many constant reminders that he’s not here anymore. His life was far too short.

We’re so, so, so very grateful for our eight years together and we have so many memories to cherish forever. We miss you, Jackie Boy!