My Favorite Things

Oprah called and suggested I do a post about my favorite things, just like she does every year. I am almost as much of a big shot as she is, so I figure, what the heck. So, just for fun, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite random things, just like Oprah…..

Butter socks


Wearing these amazing Butter socks will make your feet feel like they have entered heaven. I basically live in them. These make awesome stocking stuffers, too!

Wicked Good moccasins


These mocs from LL Bean are the most luxurious, comfy slippers I have ever had. “Wicked Good” is quite an apt name for them. I love that they have rubber soles so you can walk outside to grab the mail or whatnot, then scoot back inside, all while keeping your feet toasty. These are made for both men and women. Be forewarned that furry creatures also really like these, too, and they are not dog-proof!

Line Celebrity Skis


If I could choose one, and only one, pair of skis to have forever and ever, this would be that pair. I am madly in love with my Line Celebrity skis. They are speedy on the groomers, making nice wide turns while cruisin’ down a blue, or tight bunny hop turns on the moguls, they are fantastic off-piste on the lovely “Cascade concrete” we get here in Washington, but also soar through champagne powder. These are the most versatile ski I have ever had.

Food Network Magazine


Whenever I get a Food Network Magazine in the mail I read it that same day. I can’t say that for any other magazine that I receive. I love the casual style of the magazine, but the recipes are spot-on. The format makes it really easy to save recipes.

100 Days of Real Food cookbook


I am pretty big into “real food” and eating organic and this book has served as both a reference guide and a cookbook that has helped me clean up the food I eat. The recipes are really straight-forward and super tasty.

America’s Test Kitchen Healthy Family Cookbook


Whenever I see that a recipe is from America’s Test Kitchen I just know it’s going to be good. The chefs here test out a variety of ways of making really simple foods to super complicated foods and come up with a recipe that highlights the best flavor and way to prepare it. I particularly like the Healthy Family Cookbook, though they have dozens more cookbooks {and the Cooks Illustrated magazine}, because it has a healthier focus.

Plastic cutting mats 

cutting mat

Several years ago my brother gave me a set of these flimsy plastic cutting mats {note, these are not just plastic cutting boards – they are much more thin and flexible} and they remain one of my favorite kitchen tools. Not only are they handy to cut or prepare meat on but they make adding flour to my mixer a cinch!

Penzeys spices


Being an avid cook I have quite a collection of spices. I think that Penzeys spices are some of the best spices in terms of the robustness in flavor and overall quality. I love buying their gift sets for people – they are really creatively packaged.

Lodge cast iron skillet

Cast Iron Skillet

I have always loved my Lodge cast iron skillet but lately I have been using it more and more for preparing pretty much anything I have been cooking. I have a 10″ skillet and would love a few more smaller sizes, but this is an incredible go-to skillet that costs $20. Beat that All Clad! That said, if you properly season your cast iron skillet it will be non-stick, too, without needing a teflon coating. Bonus: check out the Lodge brand Dutch oven on Amazon. And beat that price, Le Cruset!

Silicone muffin liners

baking cups

These silicone muffin tin liners are a game changer. Holy cow – they sure make baking muffins or cupcakes easy!

Organizational Notepad


I am such an organizational nut that I am constantly looking for new notepads to keep track of my never-ending to-do lists. This one is a winner! I love the way it is organized to keep track of each day’s to-do items, along with any cleaning or errands, plus your schedule for the day, your overall goals, then what you’re going to do for exercise and your menu for the day. It doesn’t get much better than that! This is so well-thought!

Bare Minerals

bare minerals

My absolute favorite makeup ever is Bare Minerals. It’s just a light powder but the coverage is really unbeatable. Not only does it smooth out skin but it covers up pesky blemishes. And it feels so light and fresh. Oh, and it’s reasonably priced, too. I used to wear a liquid foundation and a powder, but after finding Bare Minerals all I use is the powder foundation.

Williams Sonoma evergreen candle


I would like to burn one of these winter forest scented candles in every room of my house right now. This is my favorite evergreen scent of all of the evergreen scented candles I’ve ever smelled. The candle has a really smooth burn and it smells like you’re walking through the forest.



My friend Carrie turned me onto the Zella Live In Leggings last year and I want about 4 more pairs. I wear these all the time! Pilates, with a pair of boots, as my “long underwear” skiing… You name it and these leggings fit the bill. They are reversable, too, which is just icing on the cake!

Patagonia Nano Puff jacket

nano puff

Alex and I both have one of these amazing Patagonia Nano Puff jackets and he says it’s like wearing a furnace. So true! The Nano Puff is suuuuper light-weight and comfy and unbelievably warm! Also, it folds into its own pocket making it ultra convenient for traveling. I wear this as my mid-layer underneath my hard shell when I ski.

Pottery Barn cozy cable knit throw

PB Cozy Throw

I don’t think this really needs a narration, as the title sums it up pretty perfectly.

Trader Joe’s tea tree oil face wash

TJs face wash

Kind of a silly thing to include on my list of favorites, but this face wash is amazing! For about 9 months I kept having patchy red skin and blemishes and within a day or two of trying this face wash my skin completely cleared up and has never looked so smooth. I really can’t believe it took me 28 years to find this but it is a winner in my book!

Hope you enjoyed perusing my favorite things!


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