Lodge Life: Week 22

This last week we were feeling all the feels over here. It was a really tough week in our house. Alex had his last week at his job and is beginning his new position {same job different team} today, so he was busy making that transition last week. Later this week we’re expecting Alex’s parents to arrive from Illinois, so we’ve been preparing for their arrival and for the change ahead. More seriously, our week began with the heart wrenching news of the death of our friend’s 3-year old son, who died in a vehicle crash right outside his house.

We’ve known Finn since he was two weeks old. His family was in our parent support group {PEPS} that we attended with Ben. They live four blocks from us and Ben and Finn attended preschool together in the past. Our lives are interconnected with Finn’s family and we share quite a large number of friends and acquaintances. It has devastated our neighborhood and “mom” community.

Finn would have turned four this week. On his birthday Ben made four wildflower arrangements in honor of Finn and in celebration of his life. Ben has been asking all the questions this week about Finn and his death. It’s been really enlightening to hear him process this. It’s been a really big deal for Ben, as it has been for us, too.

I’ve been working with a group of folks to support our friends’ family through this time. I’m petitioning the city for more roundabouts and speed bumps and general speed zones/awareness in our neighborhood. Additionally, I’m working to help create a scholarship fund in Finn’s memory at the forest school his mom founded. It’s nice to have a few initiatives to funnel my energy and sadness into.

Thankfully we had something fun to look forward to last week. I packed the kids in the car and we drove through Blewitt Pass over to Suncadia Resort, about an hour and a half away from us. We went to enjoy the day with my friend Shannon and her two boys, both of whom are about 18 months older than each of my kids. I took almost zero pictures, surprisingly.

Suncadia is in a county with very few Covid-19 cases and they were able to open their pools at limited capacity. Shannon invited us to come swim with them. I knew this would be the only opportunity we’d have to swim in a pool, I expect for sure for the remainder of the calendar year.

Of course the kids had a blast. Hannah took a little while to warm up to the pool but once she had her Puddle Jumper on she was comfortable and confident. It was such a fun time!

Earlier in the week we had a morning beach trip, too. The kids just love playing in the sand.

And yes, I swear Hannah has a swimming suit. She hates when it gets wet and wants to take it off.

We all made a pilgrimage to the Leavenworth Farmers Market in 105 degree heat. Ben had been asking all week to go to the farmers market and he picked out three beautiful bouquets of flowers from a local flower farmer.

I picked out an entire box of peaches, which I’m going to be freezing and also making a peach crisp or pie.

My own vegetable garden was a massive flop. I’m not exactly sure what the culprit was – likely a combination of the birds {I think they ate the seeds} and Hannah and maybe under watering. Thankfully, though, my tomatoes are growing really well, despite having been dinner last week for the deer.

We made the best Rice Krispies treats on Friday afternoon. Naturally they were gone by Saturday afternoon.

In school related news we received some major updates on Friday afternoon. Hannah’s co-op preschool will be starting 100% virtual. We received an email from Ben’s school shortly after that confirming their plans to start 100% in-person.

I have been asked to serve as Hannah’s class representative at co-op and Ben’s grade level representative at his school. I’m really honored and excited to be stepping into those positions to play a more active role in their school experience. It will be quite challenging to fulfill these jobs amidst the pandemic when so much will be virtual, though. What a time it is.

We’re jumping headfirst into August, preparing for a month with tremendous change for our family. Here’s to the new week, new challenges and new changes ahead…